and people act surprise all the time when I say this…

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"He’s amazing, he’s like the ultimate romancer, he’s so adorable." - Vanessa about Austin.

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you can see the exact moment arnold breaks, & it’s just heartbreaking.

where’s this from?

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Just a bit of BAM!!! #BarLife

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when you delete someone’s number then they text you and don’t wanna ask who it is

reblog to save a life,… or just to prevent an unwanted conversation

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Pretty Guardian Nobel Project: On Display - Part 1!

Roughly a month of work later and I can finally show them to you the way they were meant to be displayed. I love how they all came out and I hope you do too!

I’ll be coming out with an article about how they were made and the process I went through with each Sailor Scout, so I’ll link to it then!

For now, enjoy part 1 of 3 of the final pictures!

All parts were snapped, modded, polished, painted and primed by yours truly. A HUGE thank you to my friends at Gundam Planet for keeping me supplied with the things I need :)

Want to see more? Come check me out on facebook!

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No matter who you are, what you believe, what background you have, the color you are, and what you prefer- you are accepted. 

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